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New Website...big decisions. We can help.

Getting your first website set up doesn't need to be difficult or expensive. We can guide you in the right direction based on your business needs. Perhaps a Smart Frame is all you need - easy to install and minimal expense. Or, if you're eager to get out there and sell, you may want a ready-to-go, all-in-one, INSTANT IDX website. 

That's our job. To help you with those decisions. And, we love it.  

Our team of experts will explain, in words you will understand, all of your options so you can make the right choice for your business and your budget. Reach out to us for help at 866-320-9977 to chat with Sid, Steve or Jake. Don't delay...call today! 

Call before July 31st to save up to $100 on our IDX products, in our biggest sale of the year! Hurry....this offer won't be extended! 


Smart Frames

Plug-n-play listing search and display that should deliver simplicity and affordability without sacrificing any bells and whistles in a beautiful, mobile friendly experience. 


Wordpress Plugin

The Wordpress plugins, if they are built right, should be chock full of SEO content, cool widgets, and of course, a responsive design that entices prospects to contact you.


Developer API

A Developer's dream! If you or your Developer thrive on building fully custom, state of the art online showcases, API is the right solution for you. Be sure to ask for LIVE data, not delayed.  

Instant IDX Website 

AgentSquared sites are all-in-one, IDX websites, live and ready to go with just a few tweaks, in minutes. With a template that is as easy-to-customize as using Microsoft Word, a beautiful, mobile-friendly presentation, and SEO-ready, and one budget-friendly monthly payment... what more could you possibly need to get started?  

They also have a free, 15-day trial so you can test-drive your new site before you pay a penny. Click below and just enter in your Flexmls login and password to get started!

Contact us at 866.320.9977